Can I Trademark my T-shirt

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Let’s talk about protecting a new clothing line or a new t-shirt brand - Trademark my T-shirt. I get calls into Inventor Start Kit and Grell & Watson IP firm from entrepreneurs wanting to protect & brand their new apparel , clothing, or garment. Here are some IP tips: T, P, C 1- A Trademark is [...]

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Invention Idea- Can Opener

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A kitchen essential is the Invention Idea of the can opener.  A can opener is a mechanical device used to open metal cans.  Early openers were basically variations of a knife. The first can opener, consisting of the sharp rotating cutting wheel that runs round the can's rim was invented in 1870. A modified design came [...]

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Start Inventing today

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Today, tomorrow, and everyday is a gift.  Inventors -The question is what are going to do with today? Did you at least take a small step toward turning your Invention into a reality? Get started with Inventor Start Kit.  Start Inventing today!   Today have you stopped to think about a Problem? Today have you Document [...]

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Invention Inventor Motivation

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  Be in Problem Recognition Mode – Set a goal to be an Invention Inventor (write it down and post it)   Take time to slow down and recognize problems you encounter throughout your day.  These are hot spots for inventions and ideas for new products.  Most of us just push on through a problem verses [...]

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Patent Searches

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Step 3 US Patent Searches Patent Searches United States Patent Searches   US Patent Searches When performing patent searches, Inventors should spend time searching for prior US patents and patent applications to locate the prior art US patents and patent applications related to their invention. Where do you look to search patents and patent applications in [...]

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Confidentiality Agreement

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Confidentiality Agreement Non Disclosure Agreement Assignment Clause   What is an Confidentiality Agreement? A Confidentiality Agreement, NonDisclosure Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement ("NDA") and also  enables an inventor to disclose their Invention to a third party without giving up rights to that property. A NonDisclosure Agreement is a legal contract between two or more parties that defines confidential [...]

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How to find a Patent Attorney

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Look for "how to find a patent attorney" who has his/her own inventions, issued patents, trademarks or who has participated in starting a new business. Call for a FREE Patent consultation (770) 709-6888 with patent lawyer Mat Grell. Patent Lawyers are subject matter specific based on their technical degree(s) earned in under graduate college. Look for an Attorney with a [...]

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Invention Promotion Firm

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A sad invention promotion firm story: I met with an inventor who is a retiree living on Social Security.  This inventor contacted one of the Invention Promotion Firms advertising nationally looking for help.  He disclosed his invention to the invention promoter and a young sales person pitched they could evaluate, develop, patent, and market his invention.  [...]

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Trademark Specimen

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Trademark Specimen showing use. Trademark Specimen showing use of the Mark to identify your goods/services must be submitted with a trademark application. The specimen must show the Mark as filed and identify the goods/services specified in the application, such as packaging, labels, menu, webpage. Likely a picture of your product with a tag or label [...]

Free Invention Help

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Free Invention Help Inventor Start Kit offers free invention help, free inventor help, or free patent and trademark help to assist inventors with the invention process. ISK’s free invention information and inventor information assists and directs you the inventor through the steps in the Invention Process, to record or document your invention, perform product research, perform a preliminary patent search, protect your [...]

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