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ISK’s Record of Invention download will walk you step-by-step through the proper procedure to thoroughly document your invention with instructions, document your invention forms, and samples created by Patent Attorney Mat Grell using his inventions DripID® and Sneaker Doodle™ to show you an easy to follow do-it-yourself approach to privately document your idea. Get started today!

What is Document your Invention

Documenting each Invention is getting your invention out of your head and putting your invention down on paper in the form of written description, such as an invention title, identify the invention purpose, make a list of advantages of your invention, create figures of your invention, provide pictures of prototypes. This step helps you identify the parts or elements of your invention.

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How to Document your Invention correctly

Your new invention may be worth thousands or possibly even millions. Have you thought of ideas in the past and taken no action, only later to find the very product on a store shelf making someone else money? Don’t dream up the next great invention and sleep on it!

Documents included in the digital download:

  • Instructions & Inventor Information
  • Form
  • Sample1 Documentation of DripID®
  • Sample2 Documentation of Sneaker Doodle™
  • How to Evaluate the Commercial Viability of your Invention
  • Drawing Reminder Flowchart for inventions for process, website, apps, and software

Why Document each Invention?

There are many reasons why an inventor should spend time document each invention.  First, documenting causes you to think critically about your idea and causes you to identify the parts and features of your idea, such as creating a title for your invention,  a list of parts and features of your invention, a list of advantages of your invention over the existing products on the market, a drawing showing your invention assembled, a drawing showing your invention disassembled, a drawing showing your invention in use, or maybe you have built a prototype of your invention and can provide pictures of each.

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Documents included in the digital download:

  • Instructions & Inventor Information on how to Document your Idea
  • Forms to Document your Idea in private
  • Sample1 DripID® a sample of me documenting one of my Ideas

Document your Invention

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A Free Invention Kit to teach How to Document your Idea, properly, and privately in your own home.
You can do this and I will walk you through the process step-by-step. This is going to be fun! So dream Big!