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Non Disclosure Agreement One way for Inventor. NDA Sample form, template.

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Non Disclosure Agreement – Oneway NDA between Inventor Designer

  • Determine when to use your invention non disclosure agreement and disclose your ideas to another party using the our Invention NDA  template.
  • Learn procedures for using your invention confidentiality agreement to keep your invention private and confidential.
  • Learn how to negotiate a legal Inventor nondisclosure agreement with someone interested in your invention by following our instructions
  • Learn how to properly fill in your Invention NDA agreement form to protect your invention.
  • Protect your confidential information with an Inventor Non Disclosure Agreement

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Documents included in the digital download:

Documents included in the digital download:

  • Information and Instructions on how to negotiate an Nondisclosure Agreement
  • NDA template & form
  • NDA Sample1 DripID®
  • INDA Sample2 Sneaker Doodle TM

An Inventor NDA requires:

  • Clearly identifying your invention, what materials are being exchanged, such as drawings or samples
  • An Assignment Clause to assign any improvements back to you the inventor

NDA template for Inventor By Mat Grell, US Patent Attorney

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Non Disclosure Agreement

How to disclose your invention to others correctly.

You have an idea or an invention. Now it’s time to discuss your invention with a third party (not a longtime friend or family member). How do you protect yourself when disclosing your invention and confidential information to others and under what conditions? Do you file a patent application first? Should you disclose your invention to a third party before filing your patent? What are your options and what are the risks?

If you do find a manufacturer or Designer who is not willing to sign a nondisclosure agreement then you must file a patent application before disclosure, such as a Provisional Patent Application.

Let ISK provide you with a legal & professional Invention NDA, a do-it-yourself digital download NDA agreement template with easy to follow instructions on How to Negotiate an Inventor Nondisclosure Agreement, non-disclosure forms, and samples of Confidentiality Agreements for your review and to protect your confidential information while discussing and promoting the benefits of your inventions and ideas with others.

ISK’s Invention NDA download will walk you step-by-step with instructions through the proper procedure to protect your confidential information during disclosure to others with instructions, forms, and samples created by Patent Attorney Mat Grell using his inventions DripID® and Sneaker Doodle™ Non Disclosure Agreement template samples to show you an easy to follow do-it-yourself approach to protect the disclosure of your invention to others. Get started today!

Inventor NDA template to assist an inventor with disclosure of their Invention to others (third parties who are assisting you with (evaluating, engineering, designing, developing, prototyping, testing or manufacturing) = “the Designer” and protect their confidential information

Inventor Warning:

  • Inventors should become accustomed to guarding against any “offer for sale, sell, or public use” of your invention prior to filing a patent application! See Provisional Patent Application
  • Inventors should become accustomed to guarding against any use of the invention in public “publicly disclose” rather if you must disclose to a trusted third party, disclose under a Non-Disclosure Agreement.  If the inventor has made a public disclosure you have one (1) year to file a US patent application.  Therefore, file a Provisional Patent Application before making a public disclosure.
  • Foreign patent laws in this regard are different and may be more or less restrictive than U.S. law.  Protect your invention by first filing a patent application.
  • Do NOT post information on the invention to a website or distribute any printed publication disclosing the invention prior to filing a patent application.
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