how to find a patent attorneyLook for “how to find a patent attorney” who has his/her own inventions, issued patents, trademarks or who has participated in starting a new business.

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Patent Lawyers are subject matter specific based on their technical degree(s) earned in under graduate college. Look for an Attorney with a technical degree that matches your idea invention, such as electrical engineering, computer science, software, physics, biology, biochemistry, chemistry, or mechanical engineering, etc.

Moreover, work experience creates subject matter expertise.  Look for a patent lawyer who has relevant work experience relating to your idea or invention. While a patent attorney may not have direct experience with the particular details of your technology, they should certainly have a solid understanding of the principles of your technology.

Small law firms focusing exclusively on intellectual property often
provide the best attention and service for filing patent and trademark applications.


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how to find a patent attorney

How to find a Patent Attorney

To search the US Patent & Trademark Office for a Patent Attorney near you click the link below or visit US Patent Office and search for “OED Patent Attorney/Agent Search.” Next enter your city/state or zip code into the USPTO search engine and the engine will generate a list of Attorney/Agents near you. Use the criteria above to find a Patent Lawyer right for you. US Patent Lawyer Search

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