Trademark my t-shirt

Let’s talk about protecting a new clothing line or a new t-shirt brand – Trademark my T-shirt.

I get calls into Inventor Start Kit and Grell & Watson IP firm from entrepreneurs wanting to protect & brand their new apparel , clothing, or garment.

Here are some IP tips: T, P, C

1- A Trademark is text, graphic, pattern or color that- identifies origin of manufacture. So to file a text or graphic trademark the mark must be on the garment tag or screened on the garment for a tag free garment.  Note the trademark can be elsewhere but for the trademark office it needs to be on the tag.  Also, You need to avoid being classified as a slogan so limit your trademark to 3 or less words.

2- Patent

Apparel or clothing utility patents protect a new part or element, such as a t-shirt going from a standard collar to a v-neck or tank top.

Apparel design patents protect the new 3D appearance of a garment or new position of a an element like a pocket on the garment or clothing.

3- Copyright protects artistic illustrations or graphics applied to a garment.

Trademark my t-shirt

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