From Invention or Idea to Patent to Revenue

The Invention Process- With every idea or invention you need an App Inventor Process to step each idea through to test its feasibility, marketability, and protectability.

App Inventor Process – Below is a visual procedure to help one understand the app inventor process.

Invention Process

Inventor information and instruction:

  • Step One (Problem Recognition) – The app inventor identifies an unmet need in a given market. This could be due to a weakness with the product or service that currently attempts to address the problem or it could be that no one has identified the problem nor has anyone attempted to develop a solution.
  • Step Two (Documentation your Invention) – Unless the app inventor documents her idea it is doubtful that the invention will ever move beyond the idea phase. This is one reason that as a prudent app inventor; you should always document your ideas, processes, illustrations or any other aspect of your invention to help organize your ideas.
  • Step Three (Product Research & Patent & Research) – After documenting your ideas the next thing that you should do is research the market to make sure that your invention really solves a problem that no one else has solved and that people would pay to have it solved for them. Additionally, it’s also a good idea to do a patent and trademark searches to learn whether anyone else has already patented your idea or trademarked your clever name.
  • Step Four (Patent/Trademark) – File your patent and/or trademark application.
  • Step Five (Non Disclosure Agreement -NDA) – Protect your confidential information when disclosing information about your invention to a third party (other than a trusted friend or family member).
  • Step Six (Prototype) – Once you’ve confirmed that your invention is indeed viable you may want to create a mock up or prototype.
  • Step Seven (Market your Invention) – Make, manufacture and sell your invention or find a company who wants to manufacture and sell your invention and pay you a royalty under a license agreement.

In summary, Inventor Start® Kit will help you progress through each step in the idea process above, to correctly document your invention, perform existing product or service research, perform a patent or trademark search, build and test your invention and protect your invention and brand name.

By Mat Grell, Patent Attorney

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