Today, tomorrow, and everyday is a gift.  Inventors -The question is what are going to do with today? Did you at least take a small step toward turning your Invention into a reality? Get started with Inventor Start Kit.  Start Inventing today!


  • Today have you stopped to think about a Problem?
  • Today have you Document your Invention?
  • Today have you performed Competing Products Research ?
  • Today have you filed a Provisional Patent to get to Patent Pending?
  • Today have you marketed your Invention to potential Licensees?

Don’t wait til tomorrow to do what you can start on today.  Start Inventing today! What if you have an eternity to think about what you did with Today?  Get started with Inventor Start Kit. Start Inventing today


Remember to Help or lend advice to another Inventor to help them get started on their Invention. See USPTO