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US Patent Searches
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US Patent Searches

When performing patent searches, Inventors should spend time searching for prior US patents and patent applications to locate the prior art US patents and patent applications related to their invention. Where do you look to search patents and patent applications in the United States?

US Patent Searches Free Search Tools

The US Patent Office patent search website is slow and cumbersome but full of US patents and patent applications for you to search, review, compare, and most of all improve on.  There is a helpful ‘how to’ or help section to educate users on tips for performing a patent search -“how to use the US Patent Full Text Database Search Pages

  • Google Search – Search US patents online, at Google patent website.

Google patent search website is fast but has limitations in the number of search fields that can be searched compared to the USPTO website.  There is a helpful ‘how to’ or help section to educate users on tips for performing a Google patent search -“To learn more about searching, visit About Google Patents for help.

Do you need help on performing patent searches yourself?

Download the ISK Free Download – How to do Patent Searches

To know if you have a new part, element, feature, or step in a process you must research all of the existing patents and published patent applications.  Download pdf files of any relevant patents and published patent applications  and identify their parts and features. Step back and compare your invention’s list of parts to the parts and features found during your patent research and determine whether you have a new part or feature.  If yes, you may have a new idea that can be protected by a patent.

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