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Do you need help with a Competing Product Search? Let ISK help you perform Product Research of competing products  relating to your Idea Invention

How to do Product Research correctly?

In order for an invention to be patentable your invention must be new meaning you have a new part, element, feature, or step in a process as compared to other products, services or publications currently on the market. So how do you perform thorough and accurate product research? What is product research? Have you found all the related, competing, or similar products or services currently on the market? Let ISK teach you.

ISK’s Research of Existing Products download will walk you step-by-step through the proper procedure to perform competing product or service research with instructions, research products forms, product analysis tools, and samples created by Patent Attorney Mat Grell using his inventions DripID® and Sneaker Doodle™ to show you an easy to follow do-it-yourself approach to privately research your invention. Get started today!

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What is product research?

Product research is research on competing products whether you do the research or you hire a research company or market research firm to perform market research for you. The purpose of this research is to first locate all the competing or  relevant similar and relevant or related products.  Next, evaluate each product and identify each products parts and pieces to determine if your Invention has a new part, element, feature, or step in a process as compared to the competing products located during your search. You may have an Invention to patent if you have a new element or part not found in the competing products relevant to your invention.

Product Research

Documents included in the digital download:

  • Information -How to conduct research on existing Products yourself
  • Instructions on how to do Product Search yourself and What is Product Search
  • Sample1 DripID®
  • Sample2 Sneaker Doodle™
  • How to Evaluate Commercial Viability of your Invention


Why perform Research of Existing Products?

There are many reasons why an inventor should spend time searching and educating themselves about existing products, which are similar or related to the inventor’s idea.  First, in order for your new idea to be patentable it must be new.  To be new or novel, means you typically have a new part, element, feature, or step in a process that no other product contains.  To know if you have a new part, element, feature, or step in a process you must research all of the competing products on the market.  Where do you look for existing products?  Search online, in stores, search or attend trade shows, and search industry magazines.   Collect information, publications, and pictures of these products and identify their parts and features. Step back and compare your invention’s list of parts to the existing products found during your product research and determine whether you have a new part or feature.  If yes, you may have a new idea that may be protected by a patent.

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