Do you need help with an Invention?

What are the attributes of how to invent something or be an inventor? Becoming an inventor takes commitment, mentors, money, hard work, and time. Do you need help with an Invention?
Let Inventor Start Kit help get you started.

Do you need help with an Invention? Do you have a new Product Idea?

What are the attributes of how to invent something or to be an Inventor and come up with a Product Idea?

  • Time – One to two years is a typical time frame for a product idea to be brought to market from initial conception.
  • Mentor – Inventor Start Kit is just that a great resource to help inventors with Invention Ideas.
  • Money –  Inventor Start Kit provides many free downloads to help you get started with your Product Idea
  • Hard Work – following the ISK four step process of Documenting your Invention, performing competing Product Research, performing an initial Patent Search, protecting your Invention with a Provisional Patent is an Invention Plan for your Product Idea.

Do you need help with an Invention?  Do you have an Idea for an Invention?

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Here is one tip on how to invent something or to be an Inventor and produce a Product Idea

– successful inventors are always in a ‘problem recognition mode.’

To put myself in ‘problem recognition mode’ I start with reminders by my bath room mirror, my monitor at work, and the night stand by my bed. In addition, I personally keep a crayon in the shower to jot down thoughts while I am relaxed by the soothing water and removed from daily noises that interrupt clear thought. Once you stop and recognize a problem or idea your mind will both consciously and subconsciously begin to think of ways to remedy or fix the problem – Product Idea. Here comes the Idea for an Invention!

Once you have an Idea for an Invention or a Product Idea

Follow the steps set forth herein and develop a thick skin and be persistent because you are going to be told ‘no’ a lot, but be rationale sometimes you need to move on to your next Product Idea and sometimes you need to push ahead with this Invention. Protect your idea and get to Patent Pending.

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Help with an Invention

Once you have invented a new Product Idea then how do you protect your invention idea?

Get to Patent Pending

Applicable intellectual property may include:

(1) Patent protection for any new invention, product idea, or an improvement on an existing product, process or service may be patentable if the invention, product idea, improvement comprises at least one new and non-obvious element, part, or step. First step is to document your invention, see Document your Invention.

(2) Trademark protection covers branding, such as a name, logo, or graphic that identifies and distinguishes your product idea or service offering, website name (known as a URL such as from others. You can and should use TM next to or in close proximity to your mark(s) or graphics that distinguish you product idea. TM simply means that you claim a common law right to the mark, which by virtue of your use (marketing and selling) you have a right to claim. As a reminder, use of ® is strictly prohibited until your application is completely approved and your mark is registered at the United States Trademark Office. In fact, improper use of ® is illegal and can be punishable by law. In addition, improper use can adversely affect trademark rights and registerability of a mark. Note the trademark must be used consistently to identify the goods or service being placed in commerce (for–sale). First step is to identify your mark, its goods or service description, and learn common mistakes in selecting a mark, see Trademark Information and Trademark Goods Services Description. Second step is to perform a trademark search, see Trademark Search Instructions on How to Perform a Search.

(3) Copyright. All user manuals, product specifications, marketing, and sales literature may be registered as a copyright. Screen shots of your website, including text, graphics, and pictures can be the basis of one or more copyright applications. As a reminder, please ensure to always include a copyright notice on all documents and web pages in the footer and all documents available on the website or fixed on paper or in an electronic form, such as © 20_ _ Full Name/Company Name. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Note if multiple authors or designers are contributing to the website and a single person or entity desires to own the collective work then the authors or designers must transfer their rights to the single person or entity via an assignment/work-made-for-hire agreement, otherwise each contributor is owed a ratable share of the profits realized from use of the work.

(4) Contracts. Inventor or author ownership rights should be clearly defined in an Assignment/work-made-for-hire agreement or set forth as clauses in such service agreements requiring agreement on intellectual property ownership by all parties participating in engineering, design, prototyping, testing or other invention reduction to practice activities. Purchase orders, terms and conditions of sale and any other contract covering the sale, lease, transfer or license of products and services must be set forth in a written contract. All websites require a terms and conditions of use and a privacy policy that must be affirmatively agreed to by all website users who use or contract for goods or services at the website.

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