A kitchen essential is the Invention Idea of the can opener.  A can opener is a mechanical device used to open metal cans.  Early openers were basically variations of a knife. The first can opener, consisting of the sharp rotating cutting wheel that runs round the can’s rim was invented in 1870. A modified design came out in 1925 adding a second serrated wheel to hold the cutting wheel on the rim of the can.

This Invention entitled Can Opener was issued to Inventor William H. Nordhaus as patent number 1,562,579.






First Claim:

In a can opener of the type described, the combination of a handle bar formed with a transverse slot in one end portion thereof, a fixed cutter disc rotatably mounted on said bar laterally opposite one end of said slot, a feed wheel underlying said slot, an operating shaft connected to said feed wheel through said slot, and means whereby, upon rotation of said shaft, said feed wheel and shaft are caused to travel lengthwise of said slot.

A more successful design that has become one of the most popular can opener models.

This Invention entitled Can Opener was issued to Inventor Ross G Stallard as patent number 2,925,653.




First Claim:

A can opener comprising a flat metal body, a handle integrally extending from one end of said body, said body having an elongated aperture formed therein and extending generally parallel to said handle, a lever pivotally secured to said body below the end of said aperture adjacent said handle, a handle integrally formed on said lever and extending therefrom in confronting relation to said first named handle, an outwardly offset can engaging portion integrally formed on said lever at the point of attachment of said handle and extending oppositely of said handle, a cutter arranged in generally parallel relation to said body on the side of said body opposite said lever, an integral extension on said lever projecting through said aperture in said body integrally supporting said cutter in depending relation therefrom, a bracket positioned in spaced parallel relation to said body and secured to said body at the end thereof opposite said first named handle on the side thereof opposite said cutter, a hand crank having a shaft portion and a handle portion, said shaft portion extending through and being journalled in said bracket and said body to assist in maintaining said crank in operating position, a spur gear mounted on said hand crank and disposed between said bracket and said body, a shaft extending through and journalled in said bracket and said body below said opening in said body, a gear mounted on said shaft between said bracket and said body, said lever lying between and supported by said body and said second gear when said cutter and said toothed wheel are in cooperating relation to cut a can, said first and second spur gears engaging in meshing relation and a peripherally toothed wheel secured to said shaft

can openerThank you Inventors I used this invention today in my kitchen.

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