How to Create a Trademark

First steps in selecting a trademark for your product or service.

How to create a Trademark or select a Brand Name

1 – List all descriptive words and synonyms that describe your product or service

2 – Use the following rules to create a unique mark to identify your product or service – how to create a trademark or select a brand name from the list in step 1

a) Cut & combine – i.e., Microcomputer & Software were cut and combined to make MicroSoft®

b) Cut – i.e., Intellectual (smart) cut to make Intel® (smart computer chips)

c) Misdirect – i.e., Apple a fruit, (Isaac Newton symbol of an apple is equated with smart) to make Apple® (a smart computer company)

d) Make up a word- i.e., Google

Create a list of possible trademarks using the rules above.

3 – Search each possible trademark from step 2 on the Internet to see if it is in use. If in use by someone else in your industry or for similar products or services strike this possible trademark from your list and check the others for clearance. If not found the next step is to have us perform a Trademark Search.

4 – Search GoDaddy to see if you can buy the domain name of your trademark? If available buy the domain with and without dashes between the words. i.e., and

5 – Online Marketing: Search engines, such as Google, use descriptive words to index products and services.  You may want to purchase a domain name with your descriptive words since searchers are likely unaware of your new mark. See Google’s Adword Keyword Tool to search how many hits a particular descriptive phrase specific to your product or service receives per month. Search Go Daddy to see if such phrases are available for purchase.  Consider purchasing 1-3 descriptive domains.

6 – Call trademark lawyer trademark attorney Mat Grell for a Free trademark consultation at 770-709-6888.

By Mat Grell, Trademark Attorney

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