U.S. Trademark Registration

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U.S. Trademark Registration The trademark registration process, step one conduct a trademark search to determine whether another prior registered mark may prevent registration of the new mark, an attorney can generate a trademark search report and drafting trademark availability reports, prior to the preparation and submission of trademark applications. Once a trademark application is submitted for [...]

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What is a Trademark Specimen?

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Trademark Specimen showing use. Trademark Specimen showing use of the Mark to identify your goods/services must be submitted with a trademark application. The specimen must show the Mark as filed and identify the goods/services specified in the application, such as packaging, labels, menu, webpage. Likely a picture of your product with a tag or label or [...]

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Trademark Classes Post

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Trademarks are classified based on the type of product or service the mark is associated with and identifying.  Determine the class of your trademark by reviewing the trademark classes Trademark Classes.

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Can I trademark a slogan?

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Can I trademark a slogan, especially on a tee shirt? No – in general. The US Trademark Office says: Products: Slogans or phrases used on items such as t-shirts and sweatshirts, jewelry, and ceramic plates have been refused registration as ornamentation that purchasers will perceive as conveying a message rather than indicating the source of the [...]

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Why perform a trademark search

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Why perform a trademark search/pre-screening? By performing a trademark search your aim is to discover if any trademarks are in existence, which may be relevant to your choice of a mark or affect the outcome of your own trademark application. Based on the trademark search results you will be able to determine whether or not your [...]

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Definition of a Trademark

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What is a trademark  -A trademark is a form of protection for a product mark™ in the form of a word, name, phrase, tag-line (Standard Characters) symbol, graphic, color (Stylized and/or Design) or a combination word/graphic that identifies a product being introduced in the market place. Service Mark -A service mark is a mark SM similar [...]

Patent Marking Label Requirements

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New patent statute enables virtual patent marking of products covered by issued patents: The America Invents Act added “virtual marking,” to make it easier for patent owners to update their products without having to re-label, plaque, or re-produce a line of products when a new patent issues or expires that covers their product. […]

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