provisional patent applicationA provisional patent application for patent is a lower-cost U.S. patent application for patent filed in the United States Patent Office (USPTO). A provisional patent application allows filing without formal drawings, an oath or declaration, a formal patent claim, or any information disclosure (prior art) statement. In addition, the provisional patent is not examined by the USPTO but allows the term “Patent Pending” to be applied in connection with the description of the invention.

Provisional Patent Application

A provisional application is temporary and last for 12 months.  So before 12 months expires the applicant must file a regular full patent application on nonprovisional patent application.

US Provisional Patent Application: The attorney time to review your Document of Invention (At least have a Title, List of Parts (mark photos or drawings to identify parts by name); List of Advantages; Description of drawings, figures, photos, hand drawings; Description of how parts are assembled; Description of how invention is used), prepare the US Provisional Patent filing forms and efile your written description for a typical complex Invention is ~$700-900, plus ~130 USPTO filing fee. In addition, we will draft an Abstract, Alternate Embodiment Clause, Broad Interpretation Clause & a First Patent Claim of your invention and the extent of your patent protection is subject to the material set forth in your invention form and figure(s). Any additional service are at $300 an hour. Time to prep: 1 week ~$950-1250.

Apply for a Provisional Patent

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