Do you need help filing a Provisional Patent Application?

File a Provisional Patent Application -To protect your Invention or Idea before someone patents your idea before you? Caution- Do NOT submit your invention overseas through an online invention form.  Also make sure you have a Patent Claim in your US Provisional Patent.

How to patent an Invention:

Use a US Patent Attorney to file your Provisional Patent Application here in the US.  Are you an App Inventor?

Provisional Patent Application

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How to patent an Invention using a Provisional Patent Application

Step 1 – NDA

Step 2 – We will send you a form to Document your Invention or you can download it FREE

  • Instructions & information on how to Document your Invention correctly
  • Form – to Document your Inventions –
  • Example invention of completed forms -Sample1 DripID®

To document your invention in the privacy of your own home.

Step 3 – Engagement

  •  We will send you an engagement Agreement for a Cover Sheet US Provisional Patent: Preparation time $700 to prep the US Provisional Patent Application filing forms and efile your written description and figure(s) covering your Invention, plus a ~$130 US Patent Office small  entity filling fee.

Total: $950.00.

  • Flat Fee to US Provisional patent application
  • Image for Buy a Provisional Patent ApplicationWe draft for you an
  • Abstract,
  • Alternate Embodiment Clause,
  • Broad Interpretation Clause &
  • a First Patent Claim of your invention

To start the process send us an introductory email

Subject: “Provisional Patent Application”
Text: “Yes I am interested in your Provisional Patent filing service.”
Text: Full Name, Address, Email & Phone Number.

Procedure: Upon receipt of your introductory email a US Patent Attorney will contact you to discuss the procedure and answer any questions. Next, we will send you an Inventor-Attorney NDA and an engagement agreement, via email to engage our services, along with a forms to properly document your invention.  Next we will send you an invoice for $854  via PayPal to pay by credit card (from the law firm of Grell & Watson Patent Attorneys, LLC). Upon return of your invention form and figure(s),  and your payment of a $830.

Step 4 -Prepare and file your US Provisional Patent

ISK will proceed with adding to your Document your Invention:

  • drafting an Abstract & first Patent Claim of your invention
  • preparing your US Provisional Patent application filing forms, and
  • electronically filing your US Provisional Patent application

We will send you electronic copies of your US Provisional Patent application and filing receipt from the US Patent Office.

US residents only. All sales are final.

Provisional Patent Application by Mat Grell Patent Attorney

 You are also reminded that any public use, offer for sale or sale in the United States or publication of the invention anywhere in the world more than one year prior to the filing of a US patent application will prohibit the granting of a U. S. patent.  Foreign patent laws in this regard may be much more restrictive than U.S. law.  Protect your invention by first filing a patent application.

Things to review before filing a patent application:

  • Do not disclose your invention to a third party before filing a patent application unless you trust such third party and they sign a Non Disclosure Agreement
  • Upon filing a US provisional patent application you can say you are “patent pending” but eventually you will need to file a regular or non provisional patent application within one year of your provisional patent application filing date
  • Since the US has become a first to file country it is important to file a patent application as soon as possible
  • Provisional patent applications have less formal requirements, especially regarding drawings allowing drawings, sketches, pictures, marketing materials, business plans, etc. and provisional patent applications have much lower filing fees
  • During the year be diligent in development, manufacturing, marketing and licensing your provisional patent application.
  • If you make improvements to the invention filed in the provisional patent you can file another provisional patent application to cover any improvements during the year
  • Do not disclose your provisional patent number or the filing date
  • There is no such thing as a “provisional patent” that is issued by the US Patent Office, rather, what you file is called a US provisional patent application