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Free Invention Kit – Self Help for Inventors – Inventor Start Kit offers a  free inventor kit to Invention Kit Logohelp inventors get started with their invention or idea.  Inventor Start Kit offers an Inventor NDA or  Non Disclosure Agreement, and  How to Market an Invention resources to assist inventors with their inventions. See Inventor Assistance.

Free Inventor Kits and Why You Need One

An inventor kit is a tool designed to help inventors’ move through the inventor process. For anyone unfamiliar with the invention process here’s a quick summary of how inventions are brought to market.

  • Step One (The Idea Phase) – The inventor identifies an unmet need in a given market. This could be due to a weakness with the product that currently attempts to address the problem or it could be that no one has ever attempted to develop a solution at all.
  • Step Two (Documentation) – Unless the inventor documents her idea it is doubtful that the invention will ever move beyond the idea phase. This is one reason that as a prudent inventor; you should always document your ideas, processes, illustrations or any other aspect of your invention to help organize your ideas. It should be noted that until March 18, 2013 the US used a “first to invent” system. Whereas, since then we have become a “first to file” country. Nonetheless, documenting your invention can still help you to prevent disputes or misunderstandings from arising in the future.
  • Step Three (Research) – After documenting your ideas the next thing that you should do is research the market to make sure that your invention really solves a problem that no one else has solved and that people would pay to have it solved for them. Additionally, it’s also a good idea to do a patent search to learn whether anyone else has already patented your idea.
  • Step Four (Prototype) – Once you’ve confirmed that your invention is indeed viable you will need to create a mock up or a prototype.
  • Step Five (Patent) – File your patent.

In summary, an inventor kit can help you progress through each step in the invention process, as mentioned above.

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Why You Need a Free Invention Kit

If you’re an aspiring inventor, having an invention kit can help provide a fast track to taking your invention from the idea phase to the patent phase. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to think of your invention kit as an assistant that helps guide you from one phase of your invention to the next.

Furthermore, there are even premium invention kits that will not only walk you through the process of going from idea to patent; but that can also save you countless dollars in time and professional services fees.

This is especially true if you’re a “do it yourself”, as these kits provide detailed “how to” instructions for those wishing to handle everything on their own.  Additionally, inventor kits also provide additional resources for inventors, such as samples of completed forms, terms sheets and etc.

In essence, having an invention kit is a lot like having a team of professionals who each specialize in handling a different aspect of the patent process – all rolled up into one kit!

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By Mat Grell, Patent Attorney